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ok so this is for those of you that might have realized I haven’t posted on here in a while! I’m going to delete this blog in a few weeks (I’m still emotionally attached and deleting my first blog is going to be bittersweet). But I do have a new blog that let’s me still use tumblr but gives me more time to take care of everything before I head off to grad school soon :) So if you feel the urge to hear my ridiculous ramblings about life and hockey and gymnastics and my cat then you can follow me on poplockandmalkin.tumblr.com

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lol Colbert don’t mess with alexi lalas

he will have none of it

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my friend gave me a bouquet of chicken mgnuggets for valentines day

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Rilo Kiley - Let Me Back In

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The fact that a game could go into overtime without a goal astonishes me.

Colorado and St. Louis I’m looking at you.

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sometimes I forget that I should put pants on before I wander around my apartment with the blinds open

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“malkin and crosby, they’re like crack addicts”

nbc with yet another fantastic comment

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at the end of the day, the flyers have to go back to philadelphia

who’s the real loser here

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Me during any pens-flyers game: what the fuck is happening
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YOU KNOW WHAT I could be more upset but we actually “came back” for like 4 seconds unlike the last time we met the team that shall not be named so I’ll take that and live on

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Olga Korbut -  1972 Olympics

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